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Lande Hekt - Potty Class 7"

In 2023, Lande Hekt continues her poignant musical introspection with two new singles ‘Pottery Class’ and ‘Axis’. Bittersweet ‘Pottery Class’ captures the feeling of yearning for someone and longing for a space to share with that person. In the song, Lande reflects: “we could move to the city, go to shows and join a pottery class / But you’d always be overwhelmed by everything that moves too fast / I don’t care where we live, I just want you back.”

Second single, ‘Axis’, conveys wistful and fleeting thoughts of loneliness and the desire for freedom, transforming elusive feelings into concrete experiences:“Late nights keep me down but it’s different from how it used to be / Birds fly past the window and Lola wishes she was free.”After spinning in a hazy stream-of-consciousness amongst hypnotic guitar-driven instrumentals, Lande resigns“It’s always the bad days that keep me from pushing forward.”