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Joncro "Richmond Station" Cassette

Release date: February 25, 2022 

JONCRO is an experimental noise rock power trio based out of Mississauga, Ontario. Fronted by Afro-Jamaican guitarist/singer Daniel G. Wilson with Matthew Mikuljan on drums and now Kieran Christie on bass/keyboards. They have been spreading the gospel of noise since 2015. 

After a year spent in isolation, they are coming out of the Lion's Den to deliver their debut album “Richmond Station. A direct sequel to 2020’s “The Joncro Mountains” ep, the 8-song album continues the group’s experimental fusion of Caribbean music, culture, and Mysticism with aggressive Post-hardcore and Garage Rock. Taking thematic influences from Daniel’s childhood memories of living in Jamaica as well as stories from Jamaican history, the record is a loose concept album showing a person's journey from despair to salvation. They are also joined by collaborators Isaiah Canario of the band Weather, Deshaun Molloy of the band Burner, and Daniel’s mother Winnifred Wilson with Austin Nops of fame handling the engineering duties.