Cowboy Boy


"GOOD GIRL" is out on June 11, 2021

There are two sides to the Cowboy Boy story. Here’s the first: Olivia Maria and Mike Nevin started writing songs together in Boston. When Olivia moved to LA, Cowboy Boy persisted over FaceTime and weekends spent recording in each other’s home bases. That part’s easy, but packing up and leaving the East Coast was hard. Enter part two of the Cowboy Boy story — the PRINCESS/GOOD GIRL double EP out soon via Get Better Records.

If PRINCESS showcases a young band on the edge of critical life changes, GOOD GIRL waves from the other side of the aftermath. PRINCESS is shot through with caffeinated anxiety that could only accompany watching a long-term relationship transition into a long- distance one, and GOOD GIRL processes the heartbreak from a California zip code. For Cowboy Boy, growing is part of the process even when miles threaten to make them seem small.