Bacchae "s/t"

Released April 13, 2018
"The newest EP from one of D.C.’s most prolific post-punk ensembles doesn’t rip; it bites. These five songs expand on the band’s knack for tight riffs, catchy grooves, and no-fucks-given attitude, with singer/keyboardist Katie McD’s vicious lyrics and taut vocals commanding you to not just listen, but to pay attention."
Matt Cohen, June 2018, Washington City Paper

"Bacchae just released their new self-titled EP, and it’s a giddy, melodic pileup of new-wave sonics, postpunk ferocity, and all-out hooks."
Tom Breihan, April 2018, Stereogum


Recorded and mixed by Carni Klirs. Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios. Auxiliary percussion, acoustic guitar, and production by Rosendo Flores.

Katie McD — Vox + keys
Rena Hagins — Bass + Vox
Eileen O'Grady — Drums
Andrew Breiner — Guitar