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Open City 'Hands In The Honey Jar'

Release date: October 6, 2023

Artwork by Jem Cohen

There is no illusion that  Open City  doesn't have easily searchable names. It’s, as bassist Andy Nelson says, “impossible to avoid,” that Google will reveal myriad projects and connections that span the past 30 years of punk and range from New Jersey to California.

Simply,  Open City  are four experienced rockers who have worked and lived through many eras of punk and hardcore. Their influences reflect that and their combined understanding of themselves as artists. There’s no pretense with all their interests in the world of music and with what  Open City  achieved with their upcoming LP,  Hands In The Honey Jar.

To produce the record,  Open City  relied on Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Show Me The Body, Glitterer) Though drums were recorded in a studio, bass, guitar, and vocals were recorded in a wood shop.


1. Gassed
2. Lukewarm
3. Fever Dream
4. Blitz Kids Stay Sick
5. No One Thinks About You More Than You
6. Return Your Stolen Property Is Theft
7. Bobby
8. Carry Us
9. Destined
10. Everything
11. Wolf